Monday, May 23, 2016


To be honest, before reading this article and talking to other students in our class, I had no idea that this was going on. I am not one to play video games or pay attention to anything affiliated with them. Because of that I was unaware that women are discriminated against when it comes to playing video games.

I really shouldn't be surprised that this happens. Women are discriminated against in every other aspect of life so why wouldn't they be when it comes to online gaming. I just never really thought this could be a problem either. To me, they're just video games. People play them, whether it be online or not. I didn't think it was possible for women to be discriminated against. Everyone is behind a screen playing a game. So to me it doesn't make sense about how and why this happens.

But I am disappointed to become aware of this. I hope no one takes offense to this when I say this, but typically people play video games as a hobby so why do men (or anyone who says anything offensive) get worked up about women (or anyone) playing video games when it really doesn't contribute anything to real life? People go online and play video games for an hour, or several depending who you are, and then log off and go about their real life which consists of real people, school and work. Why are men (or people in general) being to openly rude and mean for literally no reason?

I'm not trying to demean video games. But if it's another outlet for people to be discriminated against, it is going to spark some controversy.

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  1. I agree with everything that you said in this post Ashlee, I was also unaware that this was happening before talking about it in class. It is not surprising to me that women are demeaned in these games because some games naturally mirror themes in the real world. You raise a good point in saying why men are being openly rude and mean for no reason. It isn't real life and it is rough when people can not separate reality and virtual worlds. I get that you're not trying to demean them but maybe this is something that actually needs to be talked about to maybe correct the problems.